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Ordering Raw Powders

This thread is not asking about sources, but rather about the act of ordering raw powders.

I was hoping to hear some personal experiences from guys who have ordered raw powders in the past. I was poking around and on a different site guys were warning against ordering powders. Apparently the idea was that ordering powder to prep your own recipes or whatever was akin to distribution, regardless of quantity.

Has anyone heard this, does anyone have personal experience ordering powder, and were there any complications? If I recall the site I was looking at ordering from is domestic, so there wouldn’t be the customs issue.

Worked well for me. Got through safely and were genuine steroids. Brewing process isn’t too difficult if you familiarize yourself with the process first, and have a set of fine scales, weighing paper, glass beakers for measuring and mixing, large syringe, sterile filters, sterile needles for filtering and reducing air pressure in the sterile vial. You will also need benzyl benzoate, grapeseed oil. Many people use Benzyl alcohol as well but I don’t and haven’t got any infections so far.
I use 50ml vials, because one filter should do 2 vials. Smaller 10ml vials are possible but more fiddly to do accurately.
Very cheap when you compare them to underground, or pharma stuff. It does take quite a while to do by hand, maybe 30mins to filter 1 50ml vial. There are quicker ways but I wouldn’t bother unless you were going to sell it( that could get you into massive legal trouble), or use several 1000’s of mg/week like a pro bodybuilder.
All the stuff is available on the net usually at reasonable prices if you shop around and delivered discreetly, no questions asked.
What is really good is that you have more control over the ingredients and the sterility than stuff you buy readymade underground.
Lots of stuff has ethyl oleate rather than grapeseed oil, or in addition to it. Ethyl oleate is great if you want to keep high concentrations of steroids in solution. Some people like myself don’t react well to EO, and come out with painful injection sites, swelling(though not infected). Never had a problem since brewing my own and leaving out EO.

Get bloodtested 6 weeks in or so to see if what you have is genuine steroids showing up in your blood.

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Thanks for the reply.

I have thought about brewing in the past, but I’m a bit hesitant to do that with something I will be injecting. I tried brewing my own beer following a recipe, and it didn’t turn out so hot.

I was looking mainly at capping my own orals. Assuming capsules are cheap, I would save a bit over buying from my regular source.

if I did this I’d end up eating tablespoons of var.


-Know you gear is the right dosages


-Becoming a prison bride


Small amounts are easier to get through customs in most countries, even notoriously strict countries.

Even after including all the equipment cost still cheaper than buying UG or pharma.

Easier to know what you have. It is pretty easy to test raw powder by meltpoint, smell, etc.


Have to read up on home brewing. Plenty of sites on the net, but you still have to do the work and it is fairly time consuming vs. just ordering from a reputable source.

Powder may get treated differently than pre-made by law enforcement. Depending on your jurisdiction, powder is far easier to upgrade to distribution. The friends I know have always kept powder quantities to slightly large personal usage amounts and they have only received seizure letters, no home “visits”.

Just as easy to get burned with crap raws as pre-made. Have to know your vendor.

FYI, there are plenty of websites for chinese generic drug manufacturers. It is so easy to find a good source, the problem is importing…