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Ordering Protein in Bulk Online?


Anyone ever used a site like TrueProtein.com and ordered bulk protein online or anything. The prices look good and you can customize a mix of protein, carbs and fats if desired, but what are the regulations on such a site, can you trust their product?

i am looking at the creatine and BCAA's on their site they seem rather inexpensive.


Yes, but if taste is an issue you might have problems.

Their flavors are lackluster at best.

I like em.


This is what I do when I can't afford Biotest stuff. The taste isn't so great, as Ghost pointed out. If I could, I'd choose Biotest stuff hands down.


I've used their products and to be honest... taste is a HUGE issue with me. You figure you are going to mix this stuff and drink it down on a daily or even twice daily basis. If you want something cheap, that you may, or may not be able to mask with something else... then by all means, knock yourself out on it.

I would much rather drink something from Biotest's stores that taste great right out of the bottle.

If shipping is an issue, then you may want to go with them. I know shipping on this site can be a bit high, but you get it in 3 days... which is awesome! If you order from the other site, you can expect your stuff in about a week to two weeks time (10 days was the norm for me).

I stopped using trueprotein's stuff mainly due to the taste. Shipping didn't bother me honestly as I ordered in advance... but constantly trying to choke something down that just wasn't palatable... I couldn't go through that anymore.

It never hurts to try it.

Good luck,



One thing that TrueProtein offers that I really like: They sell "flavor packs", which are basically seperate canisters of the concentrated flavoring used in protein powders.

I love these things, and buy them a lot just to create different flavor combinations with my protein powders, including Biotest's.


Just buy Biotest. I don't care about your personal issues, be they monetary or geographical. You get so much for free here so that means you must buy Biotest. Biotest is definitely the best too. If you don't buy Biotest you are a thief, a common thief. There is no protein powder besides Biotest.


The one thing that has always made me a little leery about custom-mixed protein is that you tend to wonder if they actually got your requested blend right. I mean seriously... how would you know? At least if a company has one set formulation that they are making in enormous batches over and over again, there will be less chance for error.


You could say this about any product out there. The only way to tell would be to run an independant lab test.


I exclusively order from there. The quality and price is simply unbeatable IMO. I couldn't care less about taste as I always buy all my products from there (Micellar Casein, Milk Protein Isolate, Whey Isolate Cold Filtered) UNFLAVOURED. I don't want any artificial crappy sugar alcohols in my body. I mostly take my protein in shakes anyways so that there are fat and carbs in it so I don't taste the grossness anyways. And if I drink it straight then I take it and don't think about it.


Gimme a break buddy. What if I want something unflavoured and without sweeteners? What do I get for free here that I can't get at another forum? I don't read the articles I just read the forum. I don't buy Biotest but that doesn't mean i'm a theif! Geesh! You got stocks in it or something?!


This is a good point, which is why I buy separate proteins and mix them myself! Don't trust anyone!


Exactly, and you CAN get lab assays.


Just out of curiosity, would you take it to like a university, have you done it, how much does it cost?


I started using them when Biotest was out of Metabolic Drive and I like them for the most part. I haven't found the taste to be a huge problem in the several formulas I've had although I do spring for their "premium" flavor system. Generally the more casiene of various types you get in the blend, the chalkier it will get but even at 70% casiens it isn't much of a problem. I may try to make a Surge knockoff today since Biotest is out although everyone says the hydrolized whey tastes aweful, even with masking agents. I need my post workout nutrition, whether it's a treat or not.


It's not feasible for the average person to have such a test conducted as you're looking at least several hundred dollars, which is what our lab currently charges, and even then it's difficult to distinguish between protein sources. You can easily test for protein content, though.


site looks pretty cool, but it isnt really THAT cheap. You can get 5 pound tubs cheaper elsewhere, although you can create your own mix which is pretty sweet.



I don't expect you to have the knowledge required to understand that that was a sarcastic response (you would have needed to run into those sentiments previously). Thank you for being the required foil to the completion of my intent.


You'll find that people are loyal to Biotest products because they make a commitment to quality and products that work. Was it necessary to reformulate HOT-ROX? Probably not, but they found a better way to stimulate fat-loss/body composition improvements and now we have a new product.

If you have overlooked the article section of this site then you have overlooked a goldmine of top-quality training information that most sites would charge for.


I also have no problem with this opinion as it is not born out of blind faith. It maintains a real concrete example to it's premise. I approach all supplement companies with scepticism and I make no exception for Biotest.

I approach Biotest in this manner with the hope that they will show my starting point of disbelief to be wrong. This is not an insult to Biotest but a complement as it is a credit to them that they usually pass with flying colours.

Monetary considerations are a factor however and as someone who lives in Australia, it is often the case that despite the fact that Biotest supplements are good, the value is often not worth the cost. I can see this being the case for those who live in North America as well.


Civilization was built by men who had the courage to challenge the conventional way of thinking. I like Biotest but there are other good company's out there. Glad I'm not the only one that feels this way.