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Ordering Online?


Has anyone ever ordered tabs or injectables over the net? I've found a place online (outside the US) who has very reasonable prices and claims to have quality merchandise. He claims that most of his clients are in the US and he ships here all the time and has only had 3 incidents where packages were confiscated. In each case the buyers only received a letter from the Authorities.

How safe or likely is it that my package may be intercepted and I could get in trouble? Don't packages get scanned when entering through Customs?

Am I crazy for ordering steroids to my front door? I'm more nervous about receiving a package through the mail than possibly getting ripped off by this guy. Any advice or info would be appreciated.


I can't answer for internatinal sources, but you're not crazy to order AAS delivered to you in the mail. It gets done, A Lot.


I use to order online and had no problems untill the person disappeared. I got the site from word of mouth and now I have no idea where to get gear. It's hard to find a reliable source.


I am very surprised that gear is so hard to find. Seeing, if it is true, that steroids are freely available (I would have to double check that statement) around the world besides here, I would think that the locations overseas would be freely talked about. It would then just be a matter of going over and getting it, or, having it shipped here through the mail.

Who would they care if we wanted to take a chance and it got confiscated?? As long as they got thier money, right?

I have been to Cancun, Tiuana, Ukraine and Moscow. To not hear of a place in these areas to order online is very interesting indeed.


If you have a good source or two it is easier than you think. you send the money, request the product and a few days later, Voila! Juice in the mail. Unless you/your source is under investigation or your stuff just happens to draw attention, it is almost as easy as ordering legal supps from an online vendor. Just legally riskier...but you must play it safe and be intelligent/careful or there is no sense in even trying it. No cycle is worth $1000s in attorney fees and a felony record.


A lot of connections in Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Argentina. The Mexican connection is watched carefully. Get a phone number from a drugstore in any of these countries, call and establish a relationship, you'll save a lot of money because the prices won't be jacked and they have a lot of good stuff.




Do not order anything out of Thailand,or Austria, speaking from experience.



I-M me and I'll explain if you are interested


Try a small order and see what happens. Even if it is seized, customs will send you a letter saying that they seized it, and that if you can show proof that you can posess it legally, write to this....

If you are ordering a quantity that looks like you're dealing, thats when you run into problems.


Im no genius fellas but people have eyes...........Be careful.



bro? is that site still legit?


Do not openly discuss sources. Use secure means of communication if possible and don't be an idiot.


and dont bump threads from last year...