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ordering online

I am new to this forum but i was wondering if anyone had any information/suggestions about ordering steriods from out of the country. what the risk are and if anyone has any experience in ordering thru the mail. Thanks for any imput

Read the “Steroid Newbie Thread”

Use the search engine to find it.

you will hear some guys talk about p.o boxes, mail box etc., moms and dads house, girlfriends or boyfriends house. using false names. things like that. the bottom line is, if they want to bust you, they will get you. the only thing you gain by involving others is risking them to getting in trouble or lossing there property. there is no magic answer. the only good news is that the “powers that be” rarely come after the personal user. they want the big busts that will get the headlines. just dont ever go to customs if they send you a letter saying they confiscated your property and you have to come there to claim it. just let them have it.

warhorse is being short and sweet for a reason. This question has been asked probably about one time a week for the last year.

I think it keeps getting asked because many interested don’t know where to begin to source AAS, or don’t frequent gyms or clubs where they might meet the right people. It seems like the off shore online pharmacies would be an option for some. At least these places seem legitimate on the surface.

Look. If anyone with a brain were to read the steroid newbie thread and all the reading it suggests, that person would be able to find legit gear.

There are sites that are legit. The issue is “thread initiator,” don’t discuss this kind of thing here.