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Ordering Needles Online?

Where do people buy needles online? Looking for 1 piece 25G 1/2" or something around there, for subQ injections. Where do I get what Dr Crisler uses in his video? Right now got 28G 1/2".

Any suggestions?

Literally tons of places.

GPZ Medical

drug supply store

Mountainside medical

and good ol’ Amazon

Thanks. No 1 piece ones though. Are they rare under like 30G?

Check Westend Medical Supply

Do you mean insulin syringes? Yes, they are easy to find

Just curious, why do you want a one piece?

Some guys have issues with the tip separating from the injection pressure. I think that they’re easier to load, but I’ve never had one leak or come apart.

I’ve used insulin needles, hated them. I much prefer being able to draw with an 18 gauge and shoot with a 25 or 28. Switching needles is really easy. I know it sounds silly, but drawing blunts the needle and creates more pain and damage when injecting with the same needle.

Just me.

I’m backfilling 27 ga with an 18 ga.

I fill with 20g and inject with 30g. Takes me about 3 mins total.

Right now I’m using 28g and I’m getting nasty nodules and rashes so I’m wondering about trying a higher gauge. Right now I’m just trying to narrow down the problem.

Finding insulin pins lower than 30g is hard

I used to get these, even with 30g, if injecting around my belly button. Now I jab like 6 to 8 inches out and there is no nodules.

For some reason I get them on my love handles every time and upper outer glutes as well. Thought it may be the T - got grape seed instead of sesame seed and it still did it. Tried hot packs, tried rubbing, etc. Right now I’m doing shallow IM into the quad but I want to get subQ figured out