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Ordering Mag-10 into Canada?

Anybody here had any sucess ordering Mag-10 from Biotest and getting it into Canada? i’m thinking of ordering Mag-10 along with my Myostat but I don’t want to chance it losing my money. If anybody has any opinions, I’d be greatful.

Yes, people have. For more info use the search engine, as this fucking topic is on the forum at least once a week.

Yes you can and some Canadian stores even sell it, according to the last 45743 threads on this topic.

I am not aware of ANY canadian stores who have MAG10! I got mine straight from Biotest,I live in MTL, but it cost me an arm and a leg(415 CDN)!
So any info would be greatly appreciated.

Which gym in Mtl do you train. I’m in Lasalle.

Only problems you’ll have is ordering into Alberta - mine was seized.

jerk you really are a JERK, if the post bothers you sooooooo much, DO NOT REPLY. PEOPLE like you are what gives a bad rep to BBs.

Mine came through customs no problem. Previous posts over the last few months do seem to indicate the only problem is Alberta.