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Ordering Labs


I have ordered tests through Quest/LabCorp in the past, however it seems that they have changed their policies. I can’t order tests because I reside in Massachusetts.

Is there any alternatives? I have no insurance right now so getting it from Doctor is out.


It looks like you will have to drive to either Connecticut, Vermont or New Hampshire. New York and RI are also off limits. If you use health-tests-direct, they use Labcorp and Quest so you might find a closer draw location.

I thought of that, but what about physical address? They asked for that.

Supposedly you can order a kit from lef.org and have a local lab draw the blood. Apparently they will send the vials, which you then have a phlebotomist use at a local lab, and which you then ship back. I haven’t tried it and wonder if Quest or Labcorp would do it.

From what I can tell the other on-line labs will need a credit card with an address not located in Mass. So even if you drive out of state they may not do the tests.

For now I’ve been trying to work with my Doc to get the labs I want, but the Doc’s all seem to be under a lot of pressure from the insurance companies these days to keep costs down. And I really haven’t found a TRT Doc in Mass. whose any good - and I’ve been looking for a few years.

Even if you order thru LEF, Labcorp offices in MA will not take your blood. However, you can set up an appointment in NH, RI, etc. and it is no problem (you don’t have to reside in that state). I have driven from Boston up to a Labcorp across the NH border a couple times to fill a LEF blood request. Hope this helps

I wasn’t sure if they still are able to do that. But good to know that. Thanks!

I got a blood lab kit and found a local clinic who was willing to draw blood for me. Can’t wait for results!