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Ordering Labs While On Cycle

I am on TRT and have to do labs every 6 months for my med office to continue to have prescribed T injections.
In parallel I am planning to add 2 months cycle that would/should be invisible for my med office.
Let’s say if I have to draw blood for my med office in January and June, I would do cycles Feb-March + July-Aug

I want to monitor my blood during and right after cycle, but I don’t want my med office to see labs (because my T will be too high)
Question - how do you order and where those labs? I called local lab and they told me they need doctors prescription to do blood work… I said I will pay cash, they told me it doesn’t matter…
which doesn’t make sense to me.
So I am a bit lost… How others monitor their blood/hormones without asking their med offices to prescribe it?

Google it. Discountedlabs.com is one site that offers them. They basically have a doc order whatever tests you want done from labcorp or whoever and doesn’t use insurance to pay for it

Awesome! Thank you

There are a few others. I’ve found the prices vary quite a bit between sources depending on what you’re getting. I think healthlabs is the other one I’ve used

Private MD is the cheapest, because they have had the contract with Lab Corp so long. They sell a lot of tests for less than what docs can order the test through Lab Corp for.

Also there is a glitch, you can pick the female hormone panel for 69.99 and right before checkout mark male for you :slight_smile:

Your welcome

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they definitely have very good offers! Thank you!
couldn’t use their bug with male/female panel. still pretty cheap though :slight_smile:

Private MD and personal labs. Both are anonymous and you have blood drawn from a local clinic, they email results few days later.

If there is a labcorp office close to you, you can walk in and order what ever tests you like.

No you have to have a script.

Even if they did they would just rip you off, it is best to go through one of the above mentioned 3rd parties.

I can’t speak to the ripping off part as I’m inclined to agree, but this first part is not true. I’ve done it myself. With zero script. Walked in, made an online profile selecting which tests I wanted (typical T tests) and proceeded to empty my wallet then my veins.

probably depends on state. i was rejected in Iowa and IL. they told me I have to have script from med office.

Could be the case. I’m in Alabama, we marry sisters and stuff.

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Nope you have to have a script, by law.

See posts above. Might just be by state. If I was going to go to all the trouble to lie on the internet it would be a heck of a lot cooler story than this.

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I am 100% positive you need a script, not sure what happened in your specific scenario.

Pretty sure that’s true for every state except Arizona.

It started in 2015 and yes you can order test thru lab Corp it depends on the state its called direct consumer testing


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