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Ordering KFC in Australia


Hi guys,

I was planning a trip to Australia and was wondering what would be the best way to avoid this?



Don't order from someone in the middle of a jihad.



I once had a friend that acted like that, he lost all his friends and I hear he's a big stoner that still lives with his parents now.


he must have a massive chip on his shoulder if he needs to react like that when someone calls him a bitch.


The best way would be to first not call the guy bitch.

But the saddest part was seeing M Night Shyamalan working there. Oh how the mighty have fallen.


He doesn't work there, it was just a cameo.


^ lol


Haha, gotta love Lebs


Hey Mr theRajRaj.
If you need some accomodation, just give me a yell.
Im in Perth. We dont have many lebs in Perth.
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Stay out of western Sydney, hah.

Looks like creatine rage, bro.


There's still a twist at the end.


Am I wrong if I say that this altercation started because this particular (halal) branch didn't have bacon on the menu? One of the managers says at the start (in reference to the employee) "he didn't know that, that's all right we don't have bacon" - cue meltdown...


This whole fight was because a guy ordered bacon on a sandwich at a Muslim no-bacon-zone KFC, and the fry cook lost it. Look for him on the next cover of Taliban Weekly. He'll be the guy holding a gun the a pig's head.


KFC bacon meltdown?


Has KFC started selling that yet? what kind of cheese does it come with?


Nah.. It was a riff on someone asking for bacon in a halal KFC and sending an employee into meltdown. Muslims don't dig on swine, so a halal bacon meltdown would be... just a meltdown.

If you kept asking for bacon, it would soon be an emotional meltdown. And it was. I wouldn't be surprised if it was deliberate (the guy filming said "let's go" as soon as the disgruntled employee was ushered into the back)...


Dude I was joking.


Roybot should be reviewing Christopher Nolan movies not joking with Cowboy fans.


^ Sigh I thought it was funny, but to each his own.


So was I.