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Ordering in Canada?

Okay so I’ve been looking into getting some good supplements for some time now and I did a little browsing around today. I started here on T-Nation and then at my local supplement store.

Basically I was a little clueless on what supplements would be best but from what I gather Metabolic Drive is the very best Protein supplement there is. Secondly, Surge is a great after workout supplement that does infact reduce recovery time. Anyways, so I was looking at these two to help me increase my muscle mass* (to accompany a good training program and healthy diet) and I ran into two problems…

  1. Metabolic Drive is 64.99 at my local supplement store and they do not carry the Surge supplement.

  2. Ordering off this site doesn’t feel safe. While BOTH the Drive and Surge ring in at $57.99 (about the same as ONE locally) a disclaimer is shown about orders going to Canada. One of three things can happen: a) I won’t receive my shipment and WILL NOT be refunded b) I won’t receive my shipment but WILL be refunded or c) There will be charges of $20.00 for some stupid reason plus whatever the shipping would be.

Either way I think this is way too much money to risk or to spend the $64.99 at my local store. Any help on this? Has anyone ever ordered anything off this site to Canada? Were there additional charges? How long did it take? What was the shipping charge? Or, is there a better place I should be looking?

Thanks for time guys. I appreciate it.

You shouldn’t have to worry about getting Surge or Metabolic Drive to Ontario.

I’ve personally had no trouble receiving HOT-ROX, Alpha Male, Flameout, Surge, Metabolic Drive, Rez-v, and whatever else I’m not able to think of at the moment.

I have heard stories of some western areas having import troubles.

Alright cool. I’m gonna give it a try through T-Nation.