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Ordering GHRP-6 and the USDA

So I ordered a number of vials of GHRP-6 from China. Didn’t think much of it considering, as far as I know, the stuff isn’t illegal.

I noticed on the DHL tracking website it said “clearance delay” in customs. Then a couple days later I get a voicemail from a DHL rep and she left her email address. Below is our email convo (not a direct quotation, reworded):

Her: Attached are the documents you requested in PDF format.

Me: I don’t get it. What information do you need?

Her The description of the merchandise is “Peptides” and in order for the USDA to release the shipment, you will need to submit a statement. Please look at pages 2-3 of the PDF. The USDA needs to know what you will be doing with the peptides.

Me: Hopefully this is what you need:

  • Material name: GHRP-6 (research peptide).
  • Material is chemically synthesized.
  • Material does not contain any animal or cell culture derived products.
  • The material was not derived from any animal or cell culture derived products.
  • Intended Usage: Research.
  • Human consumption? No.

Her: Thanks I’ll submit the info to the USDA and let you know what happens.


The documents she referred to are these:

Well, one cannot properly import things by declaring them merely to be “peptides.”

The shipper is at fault.

Oh, my “translation” of the convo might be a little misleading. The shipper actually did provide more information. The PDF she sent me was about 16 pages long so I only skimmed through it. 10-12 of those pages looked like scans of documents that came with the package and contain lots of very detailed information right down to the molecular formula of the peptide.

She wrote me back and said what I sent her was fine.

Then, she wrote me again saying that my response actually needed to be in letter format addressed to “USDA Inspector”. So I sent her the same thing in letter format as a PDF.

Then she writes back and said, whoops, the letter actually needed to be from the shipper and that she was going to contact the shipping station in China and try to get in touch with the shipper. But the thing is, I had a hard enough time making sense of what this DHL rep was saying in her emails (writing/communication skills VERY poor on her end), combine that with the language barrier she will encounter and I’m doubtful I’ll see my package anytime soon.

I just hope I can somehow avoid this in the future.

It may have just been bad luck then.