Ordering Gear Online

does anyone know anything about ordering gear online? Any experiences, successes, failures… any info is appreciated.

I know that a…shop.com is discreet as hell and will get it to you in no time. They have a limited selection, orals only. Only once have they messed up an oreder, my friend ordered 300 tabs of DBOL and 400 of Winny. He ended up getting all 700 pills of DBOL. But if you do the math, they go for about a buck a pill in the States, and he didnt pay anything close to that for them. So he made his money back.

oooopppppsss! My Bad Bush! Good thing you’re hear to learn my ignorant ass! LOL!

some of the online sites have references you can check with as well, who may or may not be legit…

As a “hypothetical” how do you all pay? cashiers check, money order, cash? I can’t see using a credit card as wise at all.
Also, do you address it to yourself, a pseudonym, or not to a person at all?

money order would be the SMARTEST way to order dont use westurn union online using your credit card though some online shops you can use a credit card but i wouldnt kinda leaves a paper trail as far as using your name or a fake one thats your choice if im not mistaken westurn union asks to see your drivers license oh well i dont know much this is all for my entertainment :smiley: