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Ordering From Overseas, Postal Delays?

Here’s the deal… I ordered from a reputable online pharmacy(they are listed as a legit supplier on the BD website and I know a few people that have used them before) exactly one month ago, my order not arrived yet.

On their website it says 8-18 days is the usual time it takes for delivery in the US but potentially could take around 1 month if there are postal delays.

I’ve contacted them twice and both times they say it should arrive soon… but after 30 days I’m getting worried.

Have you ever had your stuff take longer than 30 days to arrive?

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2 months… wow, well that gives me hope then.

It was sent from overseas, not within the US. I think if it was confiscated I’d already have gotten a letter, plus the shit was sent in 2 packages so I can’t see them both getting snatched - the company claims a less than 1 in 400 confiscation rate.

bleh I’m probably just being impatient