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Ordering from Ironcompany.com


Has anyone ever ordered any equipment from www.ironcompany.com ?

They have the lowest prices on ivanko plates and I wanted to get opinions of the site before I pull the trigger.


I was looking to buy some plates a few weeks ago, and ran across them. I did a little research to see if they were legit and came up with this link:


It has nothing to do with plates, but they've obviously been around for at least 5 years and at one point had a relationship with T-Nation.

I ended up ordering through someone else because ironcompany.com didn't have the exact plates that I wanted.


Wow, a thread from 04'. I feel like a kid again.

On a serious note, thats what I needed to hear. I can purchase a pair of 25kg ivanko plates from them for $325 shipped. I can't find a better price than that.