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Ordering From Canada

First off, I live in Canada. I recently placed an order for some Grow!, ZMA, Maximum Strength HOT-ROX, and SPIKE. A Biotest representative called my house, and sent an e-mail saying that i should check with customs Canada about what was being delivered to me. I was just wondering if there will be any problems with this or not.

I would also like to know if there would be a problem with this order going into Canada. Grow! and ZMA shouldn’t be a problem. I know that they sell the regular HOT-ROX in Canada, not sure about Maximum Strength HOT-ROX though. I’m really curious if Spike will make it through…

vroom just said his SPIKE made it across to Ontario…good news!

I ordered Spike and Grow!, and they both made it through. Customs was also cheap, just $20 for 2 Grow! and 2 Spikes.

Yeah, it depends where in the country you are. In Ontario I’ve purchased and received:

  • Power Drive
  • M
  • Low-Carb Grow!
  • Methoxy-7
  • ZMA
  • Surge

This doesn’t mean they checked every shipment and okay’d every product, but so far so good.

I have seen those in the middle provinces bitching about customs from time to time though. Perhaps a polite and informed call to your local MP would be in order.

It won’t change if you don’t do anything about it…