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Ordering Direct from Biotest, Shipping to Alberta


I’m just wondering if anyone living in Alberta has ordered direct from Biotest. If so, what supplements made it? I assume Grow and Surge would make it, but what about Hot-Rox or M? Any experience? They are sold in Alberta but our Customs officials are a little overzealous (a couple years ago I was told that Surge (!) was getting stopped on occasion).


send a pm to nikkiknockers, she works there, ask her.

Any idea if ZMA passes customs without problems?

Where do you live? If you live in Calgary I run a store that has pretty well all of the biotest line. The exceptions are surge, classic grow (I do have the low carb), and Myostat.

Thanks guys. Steele, it is not so much a matter of just getting the stuff…I’ve used online distributors in Canada for the last couple years. However, I’d like to take advantage of the great prices by ordering direct from Biotest (even with duty and shipping it should still be a savings), but I want to make sure it will get here! Oh, and I live in Edmonton.

Here’s the answer I got from Biotest:

Due to the high rate of seizures by Customs Canada, we no longer ship to Alberta. You might find independent online retailers that are willing to ship these products to you, though. Thanks for your support!

This sucks extremely hard. It looks like those in Alberta will no longer be able to get Grow, etc. once stock runs out at local/internet retailers.

Non-US sales of Biotest represent less than one-tenth of one percent of overall sales. Shipping to Alberta usually means seized orders, even on protein powders. (I heard of one guy getting a dipping belt confiscated!)

Then the Alberta resident wants Biotest to send it to him again and eat the loss. It’s just not worth the hassle. Biotest can’t spend all their valuable time dealing with a microscopic area of sales. They’d have to neglect everyone else if they did. That’s just not realistic.

Be mad at Alberta’s policies, not Biotest.

Hey, there’s some European sports cars I really like, but the US won’t allow them to be imported. I don’t get mad at the car maker, I get mad at the US policy. And if it bothered me enough, I’d move. (It doesn’t of course, just using that as an example.)

Any ideas as to the availability into Ontario?

I have never tried, but would be willing to for Hot-Rox, Tribex, Surge?

What is the history like?


TOTrev, contact Biotest customer service and they’ll help you out:

Email: service@biotestedge.com

Phone: 800-525-1940

Fax Toll Free:

Phone Outside the US and Canada:

Fax Outside the US and Canada:


I never said I was mad at Biotest. I’m not naive enough to blame the postman when the price of stamps goes up, just as I can clearly see this is an issue with Alberta’s customs policies, not with Biotest. I just said it sucked. Grow is my favorite protein powder and a big part of my diet, and I likely won’t be able to get it within a few months, and certainly not for the price Biotest is selling it for.


No worries, flee, didn’t mean to aim that right at you. I’d just received a couple of PM’s about it too.

Hopefully you’ll find a way to get it. I know other parts of Canada can get it, it’s mainly Alberta (from what I’m hearing) that’s really strict, even on protein.

Last time I flew to Canada I brought in MAG-10 for some T-mag fans. Looks like I’ll be sneaking in “evil” protein powder to the Alberta crew next time I come up!

Thanks Chris. As I understand it, Alberta is the only province with this problem, which is why I’m so grumpy about the whole thing. Otherwise a great place, but the custom’s policies make no sense. Oh well, I can still get it from an online retailer for a while, so that’ll have to do. - - - flee