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Ordering Biotest


Don't know where to post this and couldn't find an answer on the site...
Anyway, after placing an order through the website, how long does it take before my order arrives in the mailbox? I'm curious because I'm going out of town. Thanks.


Standard FedEx shipping is three business days.



You should get an e-mail showing your FED-EX tracking number. It's typically 3-4 days depending on where you live. I placed an order last night (Wed) and it's scheduled to be delivered on Monday.


Really? I have never gotten a tracking number, but it's usually on my door step in 2 days.


I placed my order this monday and I got it yesterday


Hm...I placed my order on Monday night and haven't gotten it yet. Maybe tomorrow.


Awesome. Thanks guys.


I got my order 20 hours after placing it, and i used standard shipping!


I've had this experience too. Guess they want you to have a pleasant experience with their company. From what I've seen from some businesses, this is odd practice. But I tend to hijack, so I won't go there. (LA Fitness)