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Ordering Biotest Supps in Quebec

I would like to hear from those who live in Quebec just like me about their shipping of Biotest supplement from T-Nation.

How long did it take to receive your supply? If im about to order HOT-ROX and Grow!, have you ever had any problem at the borders for the HOT-ROX(since they wouldn’t know what it is and might be too stupid to let it go before a couple of days)?

I just ran out of protein powder and since i was using some cheap kind of powder and the price is nearly the same as Grow!, i would like to order it and get it ASAP so i don’t go into a LACK-OF-PROTEIN berserk mode.


You’re going to end up paying even more.

Biotest usually ships at 25USD. If you get Grow!, because it weighs more, you are paying 35USD.

Then there’s border taxes and fees.

you might as well just buy the Grow! from www.sndcanada.com


I ordered some TRIBEX form Biotest some years ago and I had to pay for customs, wich were prohibitive! One other thing : Dairy products are subject to some regulation and the broking fees are even MORE prohibitive! I never ordered proteins from Biotest but from another online store. Nevertheless, it’s the same problem! You can get some Grow! at snd nutrition dot com. Check it out and see if the price compare. If so, order it form Canada, it will take less time.

What about the HOT-ROX? Since it doesn’t weigh much, is there any surplus if i order that?

If you buy 1 bottle of HOT-ROX. Chances are you won’t pay much at customs. But you still have to pay 25USD for shipping.

so it’s price of HOT-ROX + 25.

Usually they don’t charge custom fees on packages under 50 bucks, but i may be wrong.

sndcanada.com sells HOT-ROX too, a bit on the expensive side though.

I have ordered plenty of times (Low-Carb Grow!, HOT-ROX, ZMA, Surge) everything got to me really quickly but you do get rapped with shipping and also the added costum taxes that the fed ex man charges you at the door.

I don’t live in Quebec but I always buy from Biotest 'cause I always know THEY WILL DELIVER. When I did have an issue, they were quick to respond.

A ZMA bottle at 9$ American is 11.20$ Canadian at today’s rate. SND Canada sells it for 28.99. A difference of 11.79$. Do the math. Buy 2 bottles and you cover your shipping cost. Buy 3 bottles and you cover your taxes. Buy 4, the cost is going down. It will not cost more if you buy smart.

I ordered from a Canadian company out east and never got my shipment and was out 200$. They gave me the runaround for months. I was also supposed to get a 10% discount after my first order but I never got the coupon. I got stiffed by my own countrymen. There’s a file on them at the BBB. Bastards!

I’ve never bought from SND Canada and they may be very good but I will not take a chance with another company. I can’t afford to lose money to unscrupulous people.

Good luck!