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Ordering Biotest Supps in Montreal

Hi, I’m from Montreal, Canada, did anyone from here ever problems ordering Biotest supps? Like customs fee or products seized by customs?

And how long did it take for the shipment?

And finally, why isn’t there a Biotest counter from which to order from directly in Canada? I mean, half of the author crew is from Canada…


I am from Montreal and I order often from Biotest. It is shipped via Fedex, very fast, 2-3 days. I pay usually about $40 of customs this is why I usually order for at least $200. However, shipping cost is expensive aroung $50.

There are some on-line stores in Canada that sell Biotest products, but the products are so expensive that it is better to pay shipping and customs fees.

do you know anyone who lives in upstate new york? it would be cheaper to just drive the loot across yourself.