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Ordering Biotest: Shipping To Canada

hows it work i gotta pay for shipping and something else right? please PM me

shipping. maybe customs duty

depending on which province you’re in you may have trouble getting certain things into the country also

Flameout Superfood Metabolic Drive

I have had the following delivered without any seizures to Ontario.

I did get charged 13% (gst + pst) by customs though.

[quote]teddjones wrote:
Flameout Superfood Metabolic Drive[/quote]

You mean we can’t bring these in? For real?

I’ve seen Flameout at some of the Canadian online retailers, so I didn’t think it would be a problem, but the Superfood, I haven’t seen anywhere out of the US.

Smallfry69- of course we can import these items. I’ve never had a HRXor Spike (full version) shipment not come through either for that matter.

teddjones-You’ll most likely pay about $15-20 extra for delivery/customs fees (if you live in Ontario at least) on top of the s/h charge Biotest/TStore charges. I’ve paid about that on all my orders regardless of quantity purchased. I will say that I try to make my orders well over $100 so it makes it more worthwhile. Without checking my hub, I think my biggest order was about $250 U.S. and I paid about $15 Cdn when it arrived at my door.