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Ordered Pins Online, Need a State Code?

I live in Connecticut. I ordered 100 I.M pins from a website and the payment went through but I got a call and voicemail saying I needed a “medical state license to purchase these needles”?

What do I do now? Ignore the call try another website? Will I get charged?
Where can I get pins shipped to ct?

You shouldn’t need a state code

I didn’t think I did need one…I got a phone call from the company saying I required a state code?

Just try a different site man.

I love canada, I walked into shoppers drug mart(our local drug store), ask for 24, 22g syringes and 24 25g 1" needle tips and I But em for like six dollars. Are they expensive to order online for. You guys? Sorry to hear about the problems, hope you find a site!

Bulk syringes dot com

Every state has different laws about needles.

I’m in OHIO and the law says I can buy them w/o a Rx, but if you walk in most pharma’s around me they won’t sell them to you. I can order them online (and I do) with no issue what so ever. I use a place out of Cali that has what I need.