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Ordered Anavar, But Unsure

Hey guys. So I ordered Anavar and tested it with test kit for anavar. The colors didn’t match up as I thought they would. I’m colorblind but can usually tell colors apart pretty well. So, I’m thinking it is winstrol? (I’ve included pics below of color under UV light after 15 min, lab name & pic of pill


I’ve read that many times when you order anavar it’s usually just winstrol. I’m just apprehensive in taking it. Lemme know what you guys think.

I can help you if you tell me what you did. Which chemicals did you use? Is that supposed to be a reference the second one?

I just used to test kit to see if it was legit. Under UV light the first vial B did not change color like it was supposed to for anavar.

I can’t see your response for some reason on the forum page?

@lordgains for some reason can only see half your response in email?

Hey seems my answer got deleted even though I didn’t discuss a source but a forum that discusses sources. I didn’t know if the rules allow for that.

You just gotta search the internet and look for forums that allow discussion of sources. That’s the way to do it. Good luck

Nope. In general, there are no links to training/supplement sites, blogs or forums. Even moreso when it’s regarding AAS sources, distributors, etc.

Thanks gonna keep that in mind!