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Order Seized


Well, it turns out the order I have been waiting for for 3 weeks has been seized. Order was from a Thailand based company and apparently it was seized in Thailand at the airport. Bummer for me.



Not another one! :frowning:

We've always had it tough down under. But it looks like US customs is stepping up their game. Could this be the start of a War on Steroids?


the thais are just getting lazy... they need to switch their packaging that might help out a bit.


i think everyone is stepping up their game on steds there was a big write up on it in the british tabloids a few weeks back they were saying its just as much a problem in young men as heroin. So christ knows what will happen.

P.S I am new to lifting and was considering using steds but ive heard some nasty stories in regards to their sides. is there anything out there that will bulk me up but wont turn me into a raving lunatic??


I like the Reefer Madness allusion. At least I hope you were kidding.


I don't think he was :confused:

Sucks that yet another order got taken. Well at least for Xmas I'm going to Mexico!


Wait that sounded like my order got caught. Haha that part was to the OP.


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god dammit another seizure.. i think you are right johnny this could be the start of "war on steroids"


I might try the re-pay and re-ship method to try again. If this second one gets seized....im not sure what to do......I guess no AAS for me :frowning:



The thais are lazy they definitely need to rethink shipping and location they need to recruit remailers somewhere else to ship for them


I've wondered about this. When you re-ship, are you planning on having them send it to the same address? Or send it to another address? This makes me glad I live in the country I do now because I wouldn't have another address to send it to if I was back in the states. So, has anyone who received a seizure notification tried ignoring it and having them resend to the same address?

Alternately, could one wait a while (say a few months) and try again? Or is there a database which flags all packages to that address thereafter? I find it odd that there is no one familiar with actual customs protocol on this website (or any that I know of). My brother is possibly going to become a customs agent, and if he does, you can be assured I'll be asking him a lot of questions.


Well, I am going to have it re-shipped to a friends address. I do not want to take the chance of having my address flagged and the package seized with no possibility of delivery. Since I am a newbie at ordering gear and seizure's...I would also like to hear from some of the other members who are more familiar.



yeah its just safer for the time been not to use your address, Maybe use it later 2-3 months or so. I'm also getting mine re-shipped hope it works well.


well i know nothing aboout sted, so im bound to think the worse especially when i actully asked which is the best and nobody answered me.


If customs really wanted to fuck with us, they should stop sending seizure letters. Nobody would be sure if their order was seized or if they had been scammed. No sources would be reshipping, how would they know it wasn't the customer trying to rip them off?
I'm fairly certain something of mine was seized, its been a couple months now since ship date, but no seizure letter yet. I guess I just wait and see.


Yea, if it wasn't for their stupid protocol's I'm sure they would figure this out. And FYI....try to keep on the DL about how and why sources re-ship. DEA lurk everywhere.



Don't panic too much.....these things come and go in waves. It's hot now, it will cool off......it will become hot again later.......its history, plain and simple.



Can any1 tell me which is the best bulking steroid to use please and also are oral steds as good as pinning them?
I really wanna try some out but havent got a clue as to whats what.


i suggest you take a little read here --> www.silownia.net

and read through all profiles, then decide what u want. it all depends on your goals :wink: