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Order Seized in Ireland?


Rang Fed-Ex

They advise the Custom's in Ireland have stopped my Order for Nutritional Violations.

They may let in some stuff later on, but for now no Order ???

Anyone know WHAT is on the Ban List for Ireland ?

I ordered:


Nothing in there that's exactly Bannable ?

Any advise from Europeans/Irish ?


They tend to be a bit funny letting anything chemically engineered into Ireland here man.

I know I tried to order L- Glutamine and yohimbie bark from overseas as it was cheaper and they pulled the same shit. It was first held for inspection, and then after 3 weeks I got a letter saying it was contraband and I was t getting it.

I know that doesn't exactly help, but I'm just telling you what happened to me man.


Yeah,my friend had a huge package with real gear,and some Sex pills,they seized them and said that they Will send them to nursing home as a treat to old farts :slight_smile:


to be honest, they probably just nicked it. i ordered some ECA tabs from a company in canada once, and they packaged it to look like a dvd case - less likely to get stopped