Order Question for Those In the UK

Since Biotest doesn?t ship to my country, I have had a hard time getting my hands on some of these superior supplements.

However, now I will be travelling to UK, Poole for two days.

So I have a question for all you UK T-men.

If I only order Grow! and Surge will I still have to pay a custom fee? Will I have to go to the post office to pay and pick up my order? What if I order other supplements? Carbolin 19, Spike, HOT-ROX?

What is the approx. delivery time?

Thank you,

No matter what you order you will have to pay customs fees for it. You should not have to go to a post office to pick up your order and pay your fee. Fed-ex will bill you for that after you recieve your delivery. I would say it takes about 48 hours from placing an order but obviously this could vary for any number reasons. My packages have always come in two working days at the slowest.

Good luck


How much did you have to pay for shipping/customs for your deliveries? I always wondered what it would be like…

I ordered 3 bottles of HOT-ROX. On top of the cost from Biotest it was another ?22 for customs.

Hope that helps!

Customs add on VAT and then fed-ex charge a small admin fee. Shipping charges vary depending on your order.

If your staying in the UK then you could order from biotest.co.uk, they deliver in a couple of days and are very helpful.

Hope this helps,

Thank you for the answers guys.

I have considered www.ukbiotest.com, but the standard prices are generally about a factor three higher.

With shipping, VAT and Fed-Ex charge I still presume that I will save quite a bit from ordering from the US.

Paulos ? I didn?t quite understand the Fed-Ex billing part. I will be staying at a hotel. So Fed-Ex will deliver to the hotel along with a bill that I have to pay!? Where do I pay that? At the post office or just by home banking money transfer? Will it be a problem that I?m staying in a hotel?

Sorry for all the questions. I will only be staying for two days (and working during the stay), so I?m afraid I somehow will miss my delivery. Maybe I should go with www.ukbiotest.com after all…


Good luck - us Brits get shafted in regards to supps. :frowning:

[quote]Paulos wrote:
My packages have always come in two working days at the slowest.

Good luck


Paulos - is this Biotest stuff? What sort of prices per product does that roughly work out as? cheers, Bomber.

I found it cost a similar amount to order from biotest.co.uk as it did to import the stuff from this here site. We just get ripped off on everything in this coutry.