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Order of Waterbury Programs


Hi, I just downloaded a great spreadsheet that has all of CW's programs in it and the recommended order:

Strength focused mesocycle
SOB training
Primed for Muscle
singles club
big boy basics

is that 100% accurate? just wondering since in the BBB article he says it's good for beginners and then they can move on to ABBH.



Just because they're listed that way in the spreadsheet it doesn't mean that it is the "recommended" order. That spreadsheet was put together by a member of T-Nation, not CW.

If I were you, I wouldn't worry about what order they're in on the spreadsheet. Instead, read through CW's original articles and then decide which one sounds like it fits you best.


the guy (can't recall his name) who compiled it said it was CW's recommended order. I'm doing ABBH, and honestly it sounds like the order is pretty good as listed in the SS, except for BBB. thanks for the reply.

if anyone actually has a link to the order he recommended (generally) doing them in I'd appreciate it


Here's a list that I've coppied and pasted from various posts of Chad's.

It looks confusing, so I put "" marks before and after each different post I coppied. There should be 4 seperate lists:

Strength Focused Mesocycle
SOB Training
Hybrid Hypertrophy
Triple Total Training
Waterbury Method (For hypertrophy, follow up this program with: TTT,TBT,QD)
Primed for Muscle
Total Body Training?
The Art of Waterbury
Quattro Dynamo
Singles Club
Outlaw Strength & Conditioning
Next Big 3"

"What program would you prescribe for cutting under hypo caloric diet and lower carb? Thanks for your response.
CW wrote: Next Big 3 or Triple Total Training.
Let me pick on myself as an example. Let's say you're new to training and you follow my Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Program. The results were good so you stuck with the Waterbury thing. As such, you might've followed my Total-Body Training and Waterbury Method programs. Then, once you wiped those programs off the slate, you moved on to my Quattro Dynamo program."

?There are many lists out there. Here's a good one:
Primed for Muscle
Awesome list, where does Hybrid Hypertrophy fit in to the picture? More strenght? Clicking on your library of articles under authors is amazing. Good work!
HH could go between WM and AofW?
A long term fat loss plan would look like this:

Next Big 3
Triple Total Training
10x3 For Fat Loss
Outlaw Strength and Conditioning"

For future references, I was wondering which programs (in order) you would suggest rotating between for an equal product of raw strength, and mass. (No regard for endurance)

Thanks for your time CW, Much is appreciated"

Primed For Muscle
Hybrid Hypertrophy?


great! thanks! I think I'll do ABBH 1 and 2 and then do a little more hypertrophy-focused training, then start on the rotation he recommended for strength+mass.