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Order Of Waterbury Programs

For those of you who have given Chad Waterbury’s programs a go, in what order did you do them or do you recommend them?

I’ve been more or less doing 3 sets of 10 or 4 sets of 8 for the past few years, in between injuries, so I’ll benefit from any of them. Just wondered if they are meant to be done in any order. I didn’t see any specific info on this reading through the articles.

try searching for it. you are certainly not the 1st, nor will you be the last to ask that question. use the ‘search’ button, and search for posts that contain those words.

ABBH is always recommended 1st in these posts, but i always thought BBB was THE most basic of CW’s programs, and that beginners do BBB and graduate to ABBH. Do most T-Nationers NOT do BBB because they are already ‘beyond’ the beginner phase per se?

Thanks for the reply, I just searched, and found some stuff.