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Order of Training Days?


Does it matter what days you choose to train a certain body part? For example i lift shoulders Monday, Legs Tuesday, Chest Thursday and Back Saturday. Would i be better swapping them around so that training certain body parts dont interfear with others on diffrent days?


That order looks more than fine...Add in arms


monday- shoulders

tuesday- legs

wednesday- off

thursday- chest

friday- off

saturday- back

sunday- off

its fine dude. no overlap here :slightly_smiling:


Thanks for clearing that up


if you are a beginner it doesnt really matter. i have done many variations in splits, like:

mon - everything done overhead
tuesday - hip dominant
wednesday - deadlift/clean day
thursday - pressing day
rinse repeat


mon - full body
tues - full body
thurs - full body
fri - full body

mon - upper
tues - lower
wed - upper
thurs - lower
rinse repeat

to 2-6 day body part splits. and all kinds of crazy. i found they all work. if you know how to adjust the variables of intensity, volume, and frequency. then it doesnt matter until you are rather advanced.


Just curious how you would go about setting up something like this...

SOunds kinda like it couldn't work on the surface, but I'd like to see how you program it.


each workout would have a lot less volume then a split of course. i would usually do 3 exercises each workout, a lower body and an upper body push and a lower body pull. and i would usually do the same lift 1-2 times a week. sometimes it would only be 1 or 2 exercises.

how many reps and sets depended on the lift. exercises with more reps but less sets i would do squats, dips, pushups, rows, shoulders. less reps with more sets would be deads, pullups, bench.

here would be a sample week:
mon - squats 3x12
pushups 3x12+
inverted rows 3x10

tuesday - turkish getups for time, as many as i could for 1-2 minute2, 5+ rounds

wednesday - deads 5-8x3
dips 5-8x5

thursday - front squats - 4x8
bent press 3-4x8
kb swings for time, 30-60 seconds, 2-5 rounds

friday - clean variation - 5-10x3-5
farmers walk 150-300ft 2-4 times
sledge work, either 360s or swings onto a tire, 2-5x 5-10 reps

each week i may have a focus like one week more cardio/crossfit type work. next week more squats. next more overhead stuff. next week more odd object. some weeks i would do 3 days, other 5 days. i would go by how i felt each workout for total volume and whether i would skip a day.

of course this was when my only goal was to lift stuff and thats it. i had no specific goals like improving my bench or squat, or getting a big chest, or doing strongman or anything like that. about once a month i would do dips and deadlift workout to track progress though. as long as i kept increasing my dip reps and either doing more reps at the same weight or more weight with the same reps as before i was happy. i kept up workouts like this for the last 2 years i was a trainer. some of my workouts were doing part of a workout with a client. so that added more variety as i would just jump into whatever they were doing.

i guess you can look at like a crossfit type workout. i did this long before i ever heard of crossfit either. which i find funny now with its popularity. with a bit more high rep stuff i bet i would have done fairly well at their comps.


Makes a whole lot more sense now.



I did a variation like this last fall as well. I alternated push/pull. (i.e. I'd treat squats as push, deadlifts as pull. One can argue this, but whatever.) Each workout was:

-Oly lift
-Lower body

Pretty simple and boring, but helped me put on 20lbs in 10 weeks. Definitely not crossfit inspired though.