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Order of the Iron Bell

Hi everyone. Been coming here for awhile, mostly to learn from the forums. Decided to keep my log here since I visit the site so often.

Quick hits:

  • Been lifting for 15 years.
  • Currently train like a bodybuilder. Push/Pull/Legs. Try to get 5 sessions in a week.
  • A John Meadows-style sequencing seems to agree with my body/joints.
  • Overriding goal is long-term health and quality of life.
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Pull Day

Face Pulls x25 (4 giant set)
Standing Calf x25
Rope Crunch x25

Landmine T-Bar Row 4x8

Meadows Row 4x15 (superset)
Face Away Lat Pulldown 4x15

Shrugs in Hack Squat 4x10

DB Hammer Curl 3x12 (superset)
Grip-the-end DB Farmer Carry 3xfailure

DB Spider Curls 4x10

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17.05.21 Push Day

Band Pull Aparts x25 (superset)
Hanging Knee Raise x15

DB Floor Twist Press 4x12

Reverse Banded Smith Machine Incline BB Press 4x8 (superset)
Lateral DB Raises 4x15

BB Bradford Press 3x12 (superset)
Cable Crossover Incline Flyes 3x12

Reverse Grip Rope Cable Tricep Pressdown 4x20 - 30 seconds rest in between

Straight Bar Cable Tricep Pressdown 3x12 (superset)
DB Rear Lateral Raise 3x20

2017.05.22 Leg Day

Limber 11

Banded Crab Walk x50 paces (4 supersets)
Banded Torso Twists x20/side

Lying Leg Curls 5x12

Paused Front Squat 5x6 - 2 sec. pause at bottom

Leg Press 1x30, 1x25, 1x20 - 20 seconds rest between sets

BB Glute Bridge Thrusters 3x12 (giant set)
Leg Extension 3x12 (dorsiflexion)
Leg Extension 3x10 (plantarflexion, weight set at 60% of dorsiflexion)

Standing Calf Raise in Leg Press Machine 2 sets of:
hold 10 secs at bottom, 1x10, hold/flex 10 secs at top, 1x10, hold 10 secs at bottom

Will try to occasionally put something I eat on the log. I’m not aware of any food allergies & try to purposefully add something new 1-2 times a week, especially if its highly recommended here. For now, a simple one from last night that I’m about 90% sure I picked up from a forum post by @Chris_Colucci awhile back:

  • ~1/2 cup Greek yogurt
  • a little bit of sugar-free, zero-carb raspberry syrup
  • ~1/2 scoop of chocolate casein powder
  • stir it up, then in the freezer it goes for a half hour
  • a small handful of almonds on top at the end

I eat it 2-3 times a week as the last meal before bed. Haven’t gotten sick of it yet, been making it for a couple of years now.

2017.05.24 – Push Day

Pull Aparts x25 (superset)
Banded Torso Twists x15/side

Machine Chest Press 5x10 (superset)
Banded Front Shoulder Raise 4x10

Incline DB Bench Press 3x12 (superset)
Rear Delt DB Destroyers 3x25 swings

Machine Shoulder Press 4x8 (superset)
Cable Crossover Decline Flyes 4x12

Reverse Grip Cable Tricep Pressdown 4x20

Straight Bar Tricep Pressdown 1x12/1x10/1x10/1x10 no rest quadruple drop pump set

2017.05.27 – Pull Day

Face Pulls 4x15 (superset)
Dante Rows 4x15

Straight Arm Pulldown 4x10 (superset)
Face Away Lat Pulldown 4x15

Meadows Row 4x15 (superset)
Dumbbell Pullover 4x10

Shrugs in Hack Squat 3x12 + 10 sec. pause in shrug position (superset)
DB Hybrid Hammer Curl 3x12 (superset)

DB Spider Curls 4x10 sec. flex squeeze then 10 reps

Machine Seated Bicep Curls 1x12/1x10/1x10/1x8 no rest quadruple drop set

Abs & Calves