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Order of Programs


Yo guys,

Just wasting some time, what is a good order of Waterbury programs? What order of things should I use in the future for optimal gain in mass, size, strength. I looked at the spreadsheet that was formulated a month ago and it had all these programs and suggested order but there were like 30 of them... care to help me out to what a good continuous routine would look like...

Increase size & strength

ABBH I Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy I ABBH II Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy II SOB SOB Training
TTT Triple Total Training
HH Hybrid Hypertrophy
WM Waterbury Method
TBT Total Body Training
PFM Primed for Muscle
QD Quattro Dynamo
SC Singles Club
BBB Big Boy Basics

Fat Loss

NB3 Next Big Threee
OSC Outlaw Strength & Conditioning
ART The Art of Waterbury
LFGB Lift Fast Get Big
GPP General Physical Preparedeness
10x3FFL 10 x 3 For Fat Loss

So what, where, when, and how do I put these together? What will create great results? what order?



Why don't you ask Chad himself?