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Order of Exercises in Full Body Full Boring?

I’m planning on running full body full boring with 3x5 fsl and jokers on the 5/3/1 lift. My question is: the way its written in the book, the lift done for 5/3/1 sets changes with the day of the week but the order of exercises doesnt seem to change: It’s written as Squat, bench, deadlift for all three days. Is it meant to be run that way or does it make more sense to rotate so 5/3/1 lift is first? (ie: s, b, d on monday, b, d, s on wednesday, d, s, b on friday)


That sounds like an awful idea to me.


The only thing I added to this program was basic assistance work in the form of Wendler six. Adding additional volume to the main lifts isn’t something I would recommend as you are already doing each three times a week.

This sounds a lot like what I do.

My options: Main Lifts - Heavier, Standard 5/3/1, 5% & 10% Joker sets, and 3x5 FSL. Sometimes I go to to 5 sets if my top set was really difficult to get extra work in.

I also add pull-ups or rows, incline bench or OHP, and hanging leg raises everyday. I also put a 4th day for accessories. Mainly heavy OHP & rows with leg work.

Because you want to completely change the program, I’d recommend changing all of the program.