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Order of All CT Programs?


CT ive been using your programs with great results BUT if someone wanted to have a really productive painful 6 months training and they had all your programs :

IE - ALL THE INDIGO and FIGURE ATHLETE programs - LAYER system - GET JACKED 12 week program and 6 week SUPERHERO program how could you organize these to develop the ultimate body ?!!!!

all the best ct !!


Why not pick 1-2 of those programs that work best for YOU and YOUR GOALS and do that for 6 months? You can spend 6 months doing just one variation of the layer system alone - that's what I'm doing. Alternating 4 week strength/hypertrophy phases (although I might start tweaking the phase lengths).

Progress is not about how many different programs you do, but about doing the right kind of work in the right amount for what you need.