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Order form at gym...

Two days ago I was at the gym doing my shoulder routine. On one of the shoulder press machines I saw a couple sheets of paper with writing on it. I thought it might have been someones traing journal, but instead it was a phone number with a few types of steroids on it (for sale). Deca,D-bol,A-bombs,winnie are to name a few. I thought that was pretty funny. What do you think?

Sounds like a sting operation in Hazzard County.

Boss Hog: Roscoe! We need to git these big gumment guys outta town or they’s gonna git a whiff o’ our mooonshine operation.

Roscoe: Right! Right! I’s gittin’ on it now boss!

Roscoe (to Enos): Enos! We need to set us up a STING operation. Git down to the gym and see if we can russle us some Steeroid users.

Enos: Okey dokey Roscoe.

And the rest of the story we already know…