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Order Biotest Supps to Singapore?

There any singaporeans here who did this before? Is it more value-for-money if i order it from local sites? thanks bros

go to Biotest on-line store and put the amount of goods you want to order.
it will resulted in total cost you would have to pay (goods + s/h)

go to your local Biotest supps seller - ask for his prices

you then compare 1 & 2.

for me (i’m from indonesia) usually my shipment route is Biotest usa -> singapore -> jakarta
cannot order directly usa to jakarta, the paperwork is a big headache.

lately i cannot do that anymore because of problem with indonesian customs, they ask for documents such as ‘free sale’ from authority in the us, which Biotest said not available for buyer like me.

so, could you pls tell me where to buy in singapore since i will go there next month?

bringing in by hand carry 1-2 bottles to jakarat is ok, but few years ago my order to Biotest was more than 6 bottles.

i cant really offer you personal experience cause i bought the stuff while i was in america then hand carry them into sg. but there are a few singaporeans who did it. most would reccomend that if u wanna buy, just fedex it straight using the provdided shipping since it will save all the hassle. if not, you can always use the services like vpost offered by the singapore postal service to save on shipping.