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Order Biotest Supps to Japan


Hi all, I am currently in Tokyo and want to order the following:

Surge WF
Surge R
Grow! Whey

Has anyone ordered any Biotest supps to Japan recently and if so did everything make it through customs?

I thought this would be a help for others in the future as well. I contacted the service part of the website and they advised to check with customs here (Japan). After looking the Customs Japan website the only way I can see anything being a problem if any of the supps are viewed as 'stimulants'.




Trying out a CT protocol?


No problem. Japan is tyrannical in their control of stimulants (ephedrine and modafinil are nearly on par with controlled substances here), but Biotest supps all seem to get through fine. I've been living here for 7 years now and ordering from Biotest for about that long (see my level), so you can pretty well trust me when I say that you shouldn't have any issues getting your supps.

Now, the shipping is outrageous. and sometimes customs decides to slap an excize tax on top of that which you won't receive until a month after you've gotten your package, but this has not happened to me recently. No fun at all when it does happen, though.

I'd honestly order a LOT more from this company if they could figure out some way to lower shipping costs (hint hint! :wink: I used to get all of my protein powder through Biotest but it just got to be dumb, paying that premium.


How could you tell?!

I have been reading his forum for the last 2-3 days straight and it just seems crazy. The thing that excited me most was not having to constantly eat and think about that next meal.



Thanks for that. I've just got to work out how to put it all together and then I'll put the order in. Even if it does cost a small fortune, I want to give his (CT) whole new thing a proper run for at least a month or two and see what happens. Maybe a couple more days of reading and asking questions and I'll go for it.

I just didn't want the door being kicked in and me being dragged away while trying to shovel some leucine down my throat. Or ending up in a cell for a while in Japan, but it would be a good story I suppose.



Where are you in Japan Cortes if you don't mind me asking?


Nowhere you'd know of, probably, somewhere north of Kyushuu and "south" of Hiroshima.


You just get here?


Don't know it. I'm in Tokyo, been here 4 weeks and will be here another 2 months. I love it so far.


Yeah. It's always fun, very fun, for the first few months.


I second this completely.

That is the only reason why I stopped ordering from Biotest ( see my level - and that was from 2 years ago when I stopped posting ).

I do hope they read this and take into consideration I do not appreciate giving my money to the an invisible 'border'. If I had to pay them I would not mind so much - but knowing the money is just theft and opportunism by the government, on moral grounds, I decline.

Shame, shame, shame..I loVE Carbolin 19 and the Spike Shooter.

: (

To TC or Tim Patterson:

Could you not ship international via Dutch Post? I still get some Biotest supplements ( they don't have all I want ) through a company that has agreed to ship by this post which means I don't pay any taxes. That is the only reason I buy there and not here.


I think it'd be cheaper to get whey in Japan (no offense Biotest), I mean the other supps make sense to order because they're actual Biotest products, but whey is easy to find.


That's what I do. Doesn't taste anywhere near as good as Biotest's, but I can't justify paying 60% more for a tasty shake.


Thanks a lot for your replies. I just received my two tubs of Superfood, I wanted to try a bit of a test delivery to make sure everything was ok and I could do with the extra fruit and vegetables.

I paid $70 for the two tubs of Superfood and $27 for delivery. I think the idea about whey is very good.

I will let you know when I get the big order whether everything gets here fine and if there are any taxes to pay on top.

To Alpha F, I would have thought Carbolin 19 and Spike would be cheap to deliver almost anywhere as the packaging is so small?



I have paid $100 of taxes to let 2x24 cans of Spike shooter in. Shipping was $100 also which I don't mind since it is heavy. But $100 to the government?

Never again.

Even if I just settled for the Carbolin 19, any small order I place is $60 to the Gov.

No way.

They already steal enough from me on stealth taxes daily.


So you live in Japan, and they 'tax' you for importing products? And tax you heavily?

So you receive your package but you also receive a 'tax bill'. Is this correct?

Hopefully I don't get a bill for the Superfood I just ordered or it will get very expensive.


I don't know if you are talking to me but I don't live in Japan.
I am in England and the way it works here is after my delivery, 6 to 8 weeks later I would get this huge tax bill from Fed Ex which is the company Biotest uses.

The delivery is speedy because they pay for the goods to be released at the borders quickly and then I pay them for paying for me. In addition to the duty tax I think I also pay Fed Ex for 'administration' charges for paper work and passing my goods fast through customs which can take up to 2 weeks to a month to clear when done via other posts.

I wish I had an option, to be honest, since these are not life and death supplements.

At the end of the day, how many companies/people am I paying just to get my goods in?

Be cheaper to catch a cheap flight to New York for a weekend break, buy 6 months worth of goods and bring it back myself.

Sorry if I seem to be overreacting but when everyone starts wanting to make a buck to deliver to you it makes you want to go and get it yourself.

Besides, the British government is notorious for heavily taxing anything that is imported from American companies. There is some political economical issues there which a shop owner who stocked American supplements told me ( since the government was making it difficult for him to import US goods ) but I have not been interested in it.

As a result, we have little variety and low quality garbage that is sold here.

Lucozade is still the number one energy drink in this country, for CS.

They are all for preserving English tradition at the expanse of change, I guess.

I blame that muppet, the Queen.

It costs us a lot of money to keep her sitting on her imaginary throne - she rules nothing.


This isn't true. Other post sent from the US to the UK doesn't even spend a few hours in customs. So it seems that your only paying for FedEx's shoddy paperwork.

This looks like a call to revolution! :slight_smile:



Aah..thanks! And here I thought I was at least paying for a speedy service.
All the more reason not to feed Fed Ex.

Don't encourage me, lol!

: D


This is pretty much identical to my experience in Japan. Only sometimes they don't send it. And sometimes they do. I think usually if the pack gets opened and inspected by customs you get taxed later. Not sure about this, though.


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