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As a child, I had a unilateral orchiectomy (removal of one testicle) due to an undescended testicle at birth. Over the past few years I’ve experienced relatively low sex drive and weak erections. I’m 28 years old, and involved in a serious relationship, so obviously this is a concern. I’m also a competitive powerlifter. Does it make sense to discuss T-replacement with my doctor?

actually if you doctor knows your condition it would make more sense that your doctor be discussing it with you. If you feel it will help you then try. The worst he can say is NO and then keep bugging him.

It depends on your T levels. One can function almost as efficiently as two.

Thanks, guys. From what I understand, fertility is affected by this procedure, although inasmuch as I might have lower than normal T levels, sex drive could be affected. I’m going to get bloodwork done and take it from there.

Get your T-levels tested first of all just to confirm low T is the problem.

But I’d imagine that you would qualify for HRT.

Your missing one testical, of course you could get HRT! - As far as your sex drive goes it is probably also effected by you working out i.e. the energy you put into the gym is energy you take away from the bedroom. If you go on HRT you will probaby never will want to go off.

No question !! discuss it with your Doc. ru12 is right… i am surprised he has not discussed it with you. Powerlifting, work and a relationship… with low T levels… sounds like the one testical is working damn hard!

According to the latest info I read, the removal of one testical does not mean that you would nessecarily be hypogonadal. Supposedly one testical is sufficient enough to do the job and keep your levels normal. So I don’t know if you would be able to get Hrt or not. I think it would really depend on your T levels. Read that artical “Your Doctor Your Dealer” I think where it tells you how to go about artificially lowering your T levels before going into a doctors office for blood work.