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hey, what is the scoop on this product. Evidently it's IGF-1 Long R3, orally administered. Any/all info would be appreciate as apparently this stuff is not expensive and fully legit. I assume this is another bullshit product but I wanted to get everybody's info to make sure. Thx!


hey, don't jump on this all at once!!!


I've read some discussion on this product on other boards (pm if you wanna know where). Anyway, the main question that arises is whether or not the delivery system is going to actually work, what rate of conversion will it have? Also from what I've gathered it's more expensive than regular Igf-1 and the idea that since it is taken orally as opposed to intramusclarly it might potentiate abdominal distention (big bloated belly). Haven't heard of any feedback on it yet.


Thx Wideguy for being the only one to show any interest in this obviously dull topic.

I think I know the other forums to which you were referring to, thank you. I just thought this would be a good place to get some un-biased info. LOL @ me.


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If you do a site search on this, you'll find an article by Cy-Borg. Check it out and decide for yourself.


Oh! Thanks man, I'll get right on it. Thanks a bunch guys.


well, looks like I was right. This stuff is not only useless is downright dangerous. Thanx for the heads up on Cy Wilson's take on this drug!