Orange V-Shaped Landmine?

this may seem a long shot but has anybody know the name an orange v shaped piece of kit with is used much like this

the piece of equipment in question is designed to fit into a corner

Not worth the price IMO…

Check out the econo-grappler from West Cary Barbell, it accomodates two bars for half the price.

thanks guys, but what i am actually looking for is a barbell security lock (so no prick can use my TX Power Bar in the gym) I know i should of asked that in the first place, but the orange grappler was also on that website.

as far as i remember the lock works by one end sliding down the 2" sleeve and a another hinged sleeve (secured by a padlock) is placed inside the stopper where the knurling is to stop it all being removed…

any ideas?

check the Renegade at