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Orange Slices In Protein Shake?


Does mixing orange slices in a protein shake ruin the protein or creatine in any way?



lol no.


Well, knowing what I know about chemistry, oranges are acidic. Being an acid, they can act like an acid on other substances causing the integrity of the substance to change. Are you sure this is not true with oranges?




Does the acid in your stomach "ruin" the protein when you digest it?


Yeah, I was thinking about that, but I thought I would rather be safe and ask the question than be sorry, not ask it, and be wrong.


THe stomach is around pH of 2.. thats pretty acidic..

Just found this thread too, check it out



something tells me that the basicity of the amine group in creatine would pickup a proton before the carboxylic acid does. therefore an acid may stabilize creatine from cyclizing to creatinine.