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Orange Peel Goodness


I started taking the peels of my orange and cutting/ripping them into a few smaller pieces and sticking them in a ziplock baggie in my freezer, and later throwing a piece or two in a protein shake.

I don't remember where I read here that the peels and rind are so good for you and contain most of the fiber and antioxidants in the fruit, but it's true, and it turns out if you stick about 1/8 of an orange peel in with your shake, it tastes friggin awesome!

It's great with those berry shakes, and even more importantly to me, it covers up the taste of spinach in a shake better than anything else I've tried- even the frozen spinach which tastes more pungent. It also eliminates the need to put fruit carbs in the shake if I don't want to, and allows me to stick more spinach & kale in my diet.

I like a scoop or two of Grow! Whey, water, 1-2 ice cubes w/ a bunch of fresh spinach OR a bunch of frozen spinach, about 1/8 orange peel, and a little stevia or splenda. Tastes like an orange julius. I also like adding in green tea powder (or even ripping open an organic green tea bag and dumping it in) for the antioxidants and the buzz, and the orange peel does a delightful job of covering up that taste as well.

It also makes blueberry/rasberry/strawberry shakes taste better too imo.

And even by itself in a shake, it tastes great:
-Grow! Whey or other protein powder
-cold water
-orange peel
-cinnamon optional

I will also be saving lemon and lime peels to try.

I started buying organic oranges by the bag- cheaper.

Anyway, for all of you that like putting spinach and green things in your shakes, seriously, try it. It's yummy.


Zest is a great idea for a shake. I don't know why I haven't done it yet.

Good call!!!


Covers up the spinach taste? That's impressive. I'm not a real big fan of spinach unless it's fresh, and then it's hard to keep around long. This could be an interesting way to add some more veggies into my diet, if I just blend them up in that morning shake...


I am quite positive I will never put spinach into a shake! Might try the orange zest though :slight_smile:


Berardi has a popeye shake w/ spinach in it. I think you can find it on here w/ a search. It tastes better w/ the orange peel imo.


Yes for raw spinach in shakes! If you have protein in there, I can't taste the spinach. But do you guys use orange PEEL or ZEST? The peel is so nasty and bitter isn't it?


that is timely advice, I have just bought some 'natural' flavor protein powder (was cheap) and by natural they obviously mean arse.

Even with Cinnamon and fruit my morning shake was still gopping.

Will be trying the orange peel thing tomorrow!


Great idea! Thanks Anj!


yup, but i usually can't taste the spinach anyway


Well I read that the white part (pith) is really good for you too, so I just throw the whole peel in a freezer bag and throw it in my shakes. It won't taste nasty in a shake as long as you don't use a huge amount. I tried actually throwing a whole orange peel in one and couldn't down more than a couple sips, it was pretty gag-eriffic.

Jehovasfitness, I never make the full popeye shake anyway since it's so huge and I don't have gogi berries and don't want too many ingredients in most of mine just because I'm not into huge calorie counts. I just stole the spinach in shakes idea.