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orange juice and protein

Due to the fact whey protein isolate is so fragile does anyone know if adding it to orange juice denatures the protein peptides

Cooking an egg denatures it and we dont worry about that. Why worry about this? Maybe im out of line here. You have asked an interesting question and im not totally sure of the answer.

According to Berardi, you can’t utilize all the protein in eggs UNLESS they are cooked. You only get about half the protein with raw eggs.

The issue isn’t so much denaturing the peptides as it is destroying all the different “growth factors” that quality whey contains…expensive, high quality whey is consumed as a BB supplement for more than just the amino acid content…they’re many different factors in whey that support the immune function and growth and these different factors are very fragile…that is why the most expensive and best quality whey is low heat processed, etc to retain all these factors intact…if you don’t care about the growth and immune supporting factors present in high quality whey and only want aminos…buy the cheapest protein powder you can find.

I think everything you eat is exposed to a far more “damaging” environment in the GI tract than what you’ll find with orange juice.