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Orange Cream Grow!


ordered some - and tried it - not a huge fan.

Is there somethign i can mix it with to make it taste better? - I really don't want to throw it - big waste. Or Send it back - I'd like to support Biotest (T-Nation)

any suggestions?

Btw does anyone like the flavor, am i just weird for not being a fan? - Haven't tried the other flavors yet but ordered one of each flavor :smiley:


You can send it to me -- it's awesome!


I did not like it at first either but eventually grew (excuse the pun) fond of it. I crave it now.

Give it a rest for a bit then go at it again. I think Orange Creme definitely needs to be mixed thicker. Keep trying it... you'll like it.


I haven't tried Orange Low-Carb Grow! yet...but from previous experience I can't see how orange and protein mix. Something orangey just does not go with milk. Then again though people drink orange juice while they eat their fruit loops.....


i guess i will have to cycle it with strawberry or something, lol.

Then mix it a little thicker and drink more water after. Maybe if i have it once a day pre workout or post and just guzzle it I will get used to it - I remember when i first used Chocolate whey - it didn't grow on me - but it went from gross to - ok I can drink it w/o any problems :stuck_out_tongue:


btw - thanks for the info :smiley:


I used to mix vanilla protein in orange juice all the time, and have loved other Orange protein products that I've tried.

So it's always just a matter of personal preference, I suppose.

Like the Surge Haters vs. Lovers.


You know, there are odder mixtures than orange and milk. In Africa some tribesmen mix milk with blood and urine. (Now those are some mutha-truckin T-men). I don't suppose I'd have a sip myself, but who am I to judge.
In conclusion, Orange Cream Grow can't be that bad. Can it?
Hope this makes it go down easier.:slight_smile:



Tolerable, but not my favorite. I definetly found it to be more palatable mixed 1/2 & 1/2 with vanilla.


I love the orange cream.....tastes just like a creamsicle to me.


Try mixing it with cold water or cold lowfat milk. I think it tastes much better cold. Maybe it's because creamsicles are cold and that it what it tastes like. Anyway it's not my favorite but I don't dislike it. Stawberry is the best though!!


Mix it thicker, use cold water, a couple of ice cubes, and a blender.


Does it taste anything like Power Drive? (I think Power Drive tastes like a push up.)


Yeah, orange and milk don't mix. I use my orange protein powder with water. Ice cold is best. Or stick it in a blender with a peach, some melon, and ice cubes; tastes great. Strawberries go well in that mix too.