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Orals the Week of a Meet


Mostly for any powerlifters, if you are tight on weight (for your gear to fit well), how would you set up orals the week of the meet and the day of the meet?

I have been on 500mg test E per week, and 30-40mg d-bol pre-workout...
But I am done with training till the meet.

I was thinking wed. go 10 mg d-bol
Thursday 20mg d-bol (10mg AM and PM)

Friday 20mg right after weighins, then 10-20mg that evening

Saturday: Meet day
Before the rules meeting- 50mg d-bol tab (underdosed, more like 30mg)

Before squat warmups- 40mg d-bol

Before Bench warmups- 40mg d-bol

Before deadlift warmups- 40-50mg d-bol


halotestin > dbol.

test suspension > dbol.


I'm not a powerlifter but holy shit that's a lot of dbol. Are you sure that's right? (Could be, I really have no idea). And yeah, despite the apparent dbol hate, test susp would be a nice addition there if you have access to any


Yeah that amount of d-bol is actually not high for meet day, powerlifters generally go crazy with orals on meet day


I agree, however I do not have halo or test suspension.

I have to work with the d-bol I have. So I need to figure out a way to add some in for the days leading up to the meet...

I am getting halo and some TNE next time I pick some stuff up actually, was already planning on it...


I don't know of any hardcore strictly-powerlifters on here that'll likely be able to help you with that. Your best bet would be to talk to your peers on their dosing. That's how I learn a lot of stuff about BBing and AAS. Or maybe try another AAS forum that has more members. Sorry I can't help you out more:/ I can't believe the doses on that though. Learn something new every day, I guess. Wow...


Its best not to do something on meet day that you have never done before. The back pumps from that amount of dbol could be an issue for you.


I agree with Bonez about the susp or halo. Either would better suit your needs. But since you only have d-bol, I'd say just stick with the same dose you normally use. If you try something new pre-contest without a trial run, you could have unexpected results that throw you off. I've seen people blow their weight class because they decided to ramp up the orals right before the meet and then weren't prepared for the extra water.

If you get suspension or halo, I'd suggest doing a trial run of what you plan to do for the meet while you are still a good bit of time out. That way you can figure out how it will affect you and you'll know what to expect when you add the protocol to the last week of meet prep.


Thanks for the feedback guys. Since I have only used it pre-workout during my cycle I will just use it pre-lifts at the meet like in training and may take 10-20mg Friday after weigh ins.


Got 50mg of suspension the morning of the meet, and as far as d-bol I took 50mg before squat, 40mg before bench, then started cramping like fucking crazy. Then I was given an oral "test suspension" pill as they called it... since I didn't want to take much more d-bol because of cramping I only took 20mg of d-bol, then took the unknown pill after my first deadlift, and it was awesome. Kicked in by my third attempt and hit a huge PR. I am not sure what it was, but I trust the guy who gave it to me and it is pretty fucking sweet. I am betting it was halo or something, because I can't find anything on a test suspension pill, although he said it just had test prop, and test without an ester in it... not sure how that would help though, since it is not very orally available. He also said it gets in and works within 20 minutes, then is out of your system in 90 minutes and you can pass a test... Does anyone have any clue what it is? Within 20 minutes I went from missing my second deadlift to wanting to fucking tear everything around me apart, then I went and pulled way more on my third than I had previously missed on my second attempt.

I felt strong all day. I had almost a gallon of water, potassium, magnesium, zinc, taurine, half gallon gatorade, and a liter of pedialyte by 11am, so I am not sure why I cramped so bad. I guess that is just over the limit of what I can take as far as d-bol goes.