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Orals Stack/Keeping Gains

My freaking mind is spinning from all the info on roids. Can an experianced user point me in the right direction PLEASE . I can get pretty much any oral. I have d-b right now and want to know what I can stack it with to help keep any gains I make.

At the end of the cycle what should I take other than clomid to help me .

I did an anadrol clomid cycle 7 months ago and got huge but easy come easy go. Any info would really be great.Thanks

Stack your D-bol with some Deca or Winny, or even both. Even better still, do a back-to-back cycle using D-bol and Deca first, then some Winny and possibly Tren. The use of the other 2 chemicals at the end will help solidify your gains made by the D&D.

The reason for your loss with the Anadrol cycle is because 90% of your gains is simply bloat and water weight. I would have definitely cycled Winny with that Anadrol, with no less than 100mg per day. I hope this helps.