Orals, Peptides, and Test/Tren/Deca or Test/Tren for Size, Strength, and Fat Loss?

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Looking for some feedback, and pros / cons of two options between (i). Deca then Tren or (ii). just Tren. I’m being very conservative with the peptides as I want to see what their effects are; this is my first cycle using the peptides except hCG.

Cycle number 7. Current body-mass 200lb. Goal: Weeks 1-6 prioritize hypertrophy and strength-gain; then Weeks 7-16 prioritize strength-gain and fat-loss.

Test Enth weeks 1-16, 400mg / w.

  • Either: Deca ww 1-6 (400mg/w) then Tren Enth ww7-14 (400mg/w)
  • Or: Tren Enth ww1-14 (400mg/w)

Anadrol ww1-6, 25mg/d
Dianabol ww1-6, 25mg/d

Winstrol ww7-16, 25mg/d
Anavar ww7-16, 25mg/d

Caber ww1-15, 0.5mg twice per week
Arimidex ww1-16, 0.25mg twice per week

hCG ww11-16, 500iu twice per week
GHRP6 ww1-6 100mcg thrice daily
CJC-1295 MOD GRF 1-19 / w/o DAC ww1-6 100mcg thrice daily
IGF1-LR3 ww4-6 50mcg daily
HGH Fragment 176-191 ww9-14 60mcg thrice daily

Nolva ww19-25 dosages from 50mg/d down to 12.5mg/d
Clomid ww19-25 dosages from 50mg/d down to 12.5mg/d
Aromasin ww16-25: dosages from 12.5mg eod down to 7.5mg eod

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Any thoughts on this, gentlemen? I’m leaning towards Test/Tren rather than Test/Deca/Tren, and lengthening the cycle so that the Test is on for 18 weeks and the Tren for 16. I’m now hoping to include some EQ at 600mg/wk for 18 weeks.

Drop the deca and just use test tren and eq man. Deca with it is overkill. If you can’t grow on test eq and tren something is radically wrong :slight_smile: