Orals Only?

i am heading to thailand for 3months of r&r next week,and am thinking of doing a cycle while there.As anabolics seam readily available legally ,i was considering doing a cycle of oral anavar and primobolan.i realise that most are against using orals exclusively,but im dubious of using needles,tho i realise i could most likely get those in the pharmacy as well.im 35,178 cm,90kg,currently around 16%bf.ive been training for almost twenty yrs and have a good base,havent ever done anabolics before,and i have marginally high bp(seams to be genetic disposition)another reason im not inclined to use test.obviously im not looking for massive gains with these products,but would like to put on another 5kg of lean tissue.any comments or protocols would be appreciated,cheers

bro, if my math is correct, 166lbs lbm is not much size…now, i would say hold off on the aas, for several reasons, but if you’re hell bent on doing a cycle while there, make it an effective one.
I don’t have personal experience w/ the primo tabs, but from what I’ve heard, they’re not worth it…this would leave dbol,winstrol,and, anadrol, in addition to the anavar.
My advice would be to run 15mg dianabol/d along w/ 40mg anavar/d for 6-8 weeks, then spend the remainder of your time recovering…just my 2cents


Actually, 90 kg is nearly 200 lbs. Carry on then…

yeah, but subtract the 16% bf and you arrive at around the figure first said - 168ish or so… He did say ‘LBM’.

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I don’t need to say “have fun” - it’s impossible not to in Thailand… Ohhh yeah!


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