Orals and Lamisil

I have a prescription for Lamisil to treat a toenail fungus. I have to take it for 90 consecutive days and right now I’m at about day 60. I forgot that it’s kind of hard on the liver because I’m not suppose to drink alcohol while taking it. I’m wondering if I’ll seriously damage my liver by continuing to take the lamisil while on an oral cycle, which I started last Thursday.

Like I mentioned in the other thread, so far all I’ve noticed is an increased heart rate, chest feels kind of funny at times (no chest pain) and a shortness of breath. I was told that I’d notice some strength gains within the first week but so far haven’t noticed any.

Hey bro, I don’t know if you saw my post on your other oxandralone thread, and I guess it’s not like I’m gonna be able to stop you from what you’re doing, so I’ll just be as helpful as I can for ya. Yes, it says in the Lamisil literature that anabolic steroids (particularly orals) will increase the risk of liver damage while on a regimen of Lamisil. Let me also just repeat myself once more and ask you to please read my last post on the oxandralone thread and think about it. Good luck with whatever you choose to do.

Well I went to the doctor today and she thought I’d be fine with the gear and lamisil. I’ve noticed some strength gains. It’s weird, to me it’s felt like I’ve had an increased heart rate, but I haven’t. The nurse said my pulse was 68. Guess this stuff just makes my heart feel a little funny.

My appetite has been greatly reduced over the past week. Is that how var and winny work? I’ve been taking a ton of protein shakes. I just hope my appetite comes back.