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Orals and Hepatoxicity

I was looking up orals such as Var and Whinstrol and I see that most orals are Hematoxic. I was wondering if it would be similar to something the Doctor would prescribe such as prednisone in terms of its effects on the liver? I imagine it depends on dose, so assuming similar dosing.

FWIW, hematoxic refers to blood poisoning. Hepatoxic is liver-related. Not much else I can chime in about the question though.

Everything is poison, depending on the dose. Anavar is probably the least hepatotoxic of the methylated orals commonly used. Winstrol is maybe in the middle of the pack. Keep in mind that anavar is still prescribed in the US (and the rest of the world) for various things. It has a pretty high safety profile vs other options.

Whoops. Thank you for the correction. It may not be answerable. I was just curious.

Thank you. I was considering Anavar down the line. From what I read it has fairly mild sides and is good for both cuts and bulking. I have Winstrol in the drawer, but am unsure if I wan’t to give it a go.

Of winny and var i prefer var. Im firmly in the camp of opinion that different people react differently and for some reason i respond much better to var, feel better, get stronger, keep the gains better