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Orals and Food


What do you guys think about taking orals and eating?

Should they be taken on an empty stomach or with a meal?
Which would help to absorb better..

Opinions and experiance welcome.


You may want to look into the effects of grapefruit juice.


I was talking to a friend about this last week. Does that one particular enzyme 'potentiate' the effects of orals as well?


I think Ive heard that it does. Youd have to ask a chemistry guy though.


I heard it does too. They say to take the 100% ruby red type. 8oz. or so each dose


Awesome, thanks.


Work with E i can tell you that much.. best roll.

Placebo? Maybe.


I have taken orals while eating breakfast and lunch and also I have taken them on empty stomach,I see no difference personally,there may be one but its not enough to worry about,I say take them when more convenient.

I like taking everything thats in an oral form with grapefruit juice,that does make a difference,do not take narcotic pain killers with grapefruit juice though there is a possibility of overdose with the 2.
but my AIs and my oral gear is all taken with 6 oz or so of grapefruit juice.


Come to think of it...Kai had probably just read the instructions wrong back in the days..or maybe he was on to something as far as absorbtion is concerned..


man i hate grape fruits.. but anything is worth a shot.

Thanks for the thoughts yall


Will have to try that. EDC coming up.


This is actually a question I have been pondering myself, I am currently on an oral and have been trying different methods to see how my body reacts. Im off to the store for some grapefruit juice.