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Orals After Last Injection?

I have a bit of dbol left and am coming to the end of my cycle. Any issues running an oral, that will clear the system quickly, while longer esters are clearing out? I’m thinking a low dose for one week, starting 7 days after the last injection. My pct is planned to start 21 days after the last pin. The end of the oral would then correspond with the last shot of hcg.

I kind of like the idea. I tend to hit a wall towards the end of a blast and have thrown in dbol for the last week before returning to the “cruise” phase.

Get crazy strength that seems to last a long time and never quite go away.

I will note I got very high BP (like 180 over 95) when I did this last time — that went away about a week after I quit. But enough that I don’t know if I will repeat it.

I would note I was late for my usual 3 month double-RBC donation; not sure if that maters.

Ya why not

This is what I am planning on doing while the longer esters clear. Im stopping like 3-4 days before starting PCT since Dbol half life is so short.